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Want to fully immerse yourself in the craft? KCCA Certification will equip you with all the required knowledge to be a skillful candle artisan. The course content aims to deliver knowledge on the key skills required in candle craft, including material sourcing and distinguishing, molding temperature, candle wicks and the design of 28 different candles!

You can also be certified to teach KCCA after you have completed the course as well as your students.


You will learn 28 candles as listed below:
KCCA 指定的28款蠟燭: 

1. Tea light Candle (茶蠟燭)
2. Container Candle (容器蠟燭)
3. Herb Candle (乾花容器蠟燭)
4. Secret Message Candle (告白蠟燭)
5. Transfer Technique Container Candle (轉印容器蠟燭)
6. Paper Napkin Container (餐紙工藝蠟燭) 
7. Bee Wax Sheet Candle (天然蠟片蠟燭)
8. Candle Hanger (蠟燭掛牌)
9. Pillar Candle (柱體蠟燭)
10. Stone Candle (石頭蠟燭)
11. Cinnamon Candle (肉桂蠟燭)
12. Birch Tree Candle (樺樹柱蠟燭)
13. Pressed Flower Pillar Candle (壓花蠟燭)
14. Stamp Transfer Pillar Candle (印章轉印蠟燭)
15. Gel Wax Candle Holder (果凍蠟燭台)
16. Ice Candle (冰塊蠟燭)
17. Cinnamon Candle Holder (肉桂蠟燭托杯)
18. Hurricane Candle Holder (旋風蠟燭)
19. Silicon Mold Making (製作矽膠模具)
20. Mold Candle (矽膠模具蠟燭)
21. Ice Cream Candle (雪糕蠟燭)
22. Macaron Candle (馬卡龍蠟燭)
23. Cloud Candle (雲朵蠟燭)
24. Aroma Stone (石膏擴香石)
25. Dipping Candle (手工古法沾蠟燭)
26. Cookie Cutter Candle (餅乾切模蠟燭)
27. Spectrum Candle (光譜蠟燭)
28. Self-made Candle (自創作品)

And free candle techniques of your choice of the following:

Iceberg Candle (漸層雪山蠟燭)
Metal Antique Candle (金箔柱體蠟燭)
Marble Candle (大理紋石蠟燭)
Tear Candle (淚之蠟燭)
Succulent Candle (仙人掌盆栽蠟燭)
Lava Candle (岩石蠟燭)
Aurora Candle (歐若拉蠟燭)
Gem Candle (寶石蠟燭)
Cement Candle (水泥蠟燭)
Crack Candle (裂紋蠟燭)
Paper Candle (紙蠟燭)
Golden Candle (流金蠟燭)
Crystal Ball Candle (水晶球蠟燭)
Terrazzo Candle (水磨石蠟燭)
Cameo Candle (復古人像蠟燭)
Herbal Tea Candle (多層次乾燥花蠟燭)
Drink Candle (飲品蠟燭)
Watercolor Candle (水彩蠟燭)
Rendering Color Candle (渲染水墨蠟燭)
Oil Painting Candle (油畫蠟燭)
Mix Color Candle (拼色蠟燭)
Cement Candle Holder (水泥蠟燭台)

Turkey Candle (土耳其蠟燭)
Planet Candle (星球蠟燭)
Palace Aroma Hanger (宮廷永生花擴香片)
Landscape Oil Painting Candle (風景油畫蠟燭)
Diffuser (擴香瓶)

Our instructor have over 3 years experience in candle making with the Swiss Aromatherapy from Usha Veda. We also have experience in hosting various candle making, scent, and wellness events with brands and corporate such as Lululemon, AIA, I.T. Apparels, and more.

我們的導師擁有三年蠟燭經驗, 並同時完成 Usha Veda 瑞士芳療課程。 我們舉辦過不同的蠟燭, 精油, 和身心靈工作坊和活動。合作過的品牌和公司包括 Lululemon, AIA 保險公司, I.T. Apparels 等等。


We are not providing all of "free-of-charge" candles to students enrolled in the accredited KCCA certification course. We hope that our students will have enough time and energy to learn and enjoy the (4 days) course, not just to take home with a certain amount of candles.


We will share our experiences on how to start a business in the wellness/ candle industry by teaching you (i) how to use 100% pure essential oil; (ii) how to take photo; (iii) how to source the materials; (iv) how to collaborate with different brands; and (v) any related topics upon your requests. We will ensure that our students meet the appropriate standard and fully equipped to the candle making industry.

我們不會受教超過某一個數量的單品課程 (贈送課程)。 我們希望學生是有足夠的時間和精神去學習以及享受(四天的課程)製作蠟燭的過程, 而不單單為了拿一堆製成品回家。

課堂中我們還會分享天然精油用法, 影相技巧, 入貨, 採購等資訊, 如何同其他品牌合作等等的創業心得。 希望學員可以有一技之長並能夠學以致用。

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Notes are in both Chinese and English. The course is required 30 hours (4 days) to complete. If you wish to take the KCCA course as a private group (i.e. two people or more together), please book with us at least three weeks before your desired date. We do offer KCCA Trial Class, details are listed below. Please email us at to find out more. We can also be reached through Instagram and Facebook Messager.

中英對照筆記。證書課程需30小時才能完成 (4天)。二人或以上可以於至少三個星期前與導師另約上課日期。我們還有舉行KCCA體驗班, 資料如下。歡迎查詢!

聯絡我們:   Facebook | Instagram:


Join our trail class to have an experience of candle making from KCCA (Korea Candle Craft Association). You will learn 3 different types of candles in this trial class and the fee can be waived if you decide to take KCCA course with us afterward (within one month).

We will cover some basic knowledge in this trial class and you will able to learn/ make (using 3 types of wax):

Tea Light Candle x4 (Coloring)
Herb Candle x1 (Decoration)
Stone Candle x1 (Mold Candle Making)

3 hours class
Notes are in both Chinese and English
2 to 4 people per class (max 4)
Our studio is in Sheung Wan, 1 minutes walk from MTR

PM us for details!

- KCCA 體驗班 -

還在猶疑報讀KCCA證書課程的你, 可參加我們的體驗班, 感受一下做蠟燭的過程。課堂中你會學到3款蠟燭的做法。完成體驗班後而決定跟我們報讀證書課程, 體驗班費用可豁免 (一個月內)。

你會學到 (使用三款不同的蠟):

茶蠟燭 x4 (基礎調色)
乾花容器蠟燭 x1 (乾花配搭)
石頭蠟燭 x1 (使用模具製作)

每班2 - 4人
工作室在上環, 距離地鐵站1分鐘


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