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A Scent & Craft Studio based in Hong Kong since 2018. We provide certified courses, handcraft workshops, and retails. Our founder is a certified professional candle instructor/ designer approved by the Korea Candle Craft Association (KCCA) and has completed Swiss Aromatherapy course by Usha Veda.






We are in love with natural scents. We know chemicals do significant harm to our body and mind. That's why we believe in the power of nature by utilizing 100% pure essential oils and IFRA certificate fragrance oil from USA and Korea. We create natural aromas in perfumes and candles that are unique to each individual. We hope to create awareness by offering workshops that revolve around essential oils and its natural healing properties.


Our mission is to use scents to enhance life. Keep it simple and natural. 

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In our studio, you will get to experience a huge range of handcraft workshops and certified courses. Our goal is not only see you having fun but to develop your personal interests. Drop us a message or come check out our Hand Sanitizer Workshop, Japanese Floral Herbarium Workshop, and different candle workshops such as Magic Candle Workshop, Massage Candle Workshop, KCCA Certification Course, and a lot more.


Welcome for Collaboration
Wedding | Event | Party | Gift | Team Building


Please email us at to find out more. We can also be reached through Instagram and Facebook Messager.

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