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Korea has been well developed in the industry of fragrance & aesthetics and has gained global recognition these past years. There are many related courses for us to take but most of them require numerous days to complete. After conducting research on perfume courses, we have decided to master and teach the one-day certification course recognized by KDCA. One of the main reasons is because they utilize natural essential oil as an ingredient. 


In this course, we use 100% pure essential oil to produce the scents. It instructs us with a simple method to measure the correct amount of materials and to learn how to calculate the ratio to invent a wholly unique perfume. After completing the course, you are authorized to become an instructor, whereby, you can also apply certification for your own students. This course is also prefect for those who want to start their own scent, fragrance, or essential oil product brand. 

Course details:
1. Learn the art, culture, and history of perfumery 
2. Understanding the type of essential oils (more than 30 types)
3. Explain the category of perfumes (such as toilette and cologne)
4. Identify the classification of scents (top, middle, and base notes)
5. Smelling experience
6. Safety usage
7. 50 free perfume recipes from the association
8. Using methods, ration, and formals to create 3 perfumes: Eau de perfume, Eau de toilette, Eau de cologne (30ml each)
9. Supplier information is shared 
10. Chinese-English comparison notes are provided
11. Assist students to apply certification

Discount to all our existing students. PM us for details.

- 一日調香證書課程 -
Korea Design Craft Association (KDCA設計工藝協會)



1. 香水文化和歷史概論
2. 認識精油種類 (超過30款)
3. 香水種類概覽 (淡香水、古龍水等等)
4. 香味的分類 (包括中調、低調、 高調)
5. 聞香練習
6. 香水注意事項
7. 贈送韓國協會50個香水配方
8. 利用簡易配方和公式調配3支香水: 香水、淡香水、古龍水 (30ml)
9. 課程中說明材料購買方式和渠道
10. 提供中英對照筆記
11. 協助學生申請證書


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If you wish to take the course as a private group (i.e. two people or more together), please book with us at least three weeks before your desired date. Please email us at to find out more. We can also be reached through Instagram and Facebook Messager.


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