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The 1 day certificate course from JSISCANDLE, is a fun and creative plaster design course. It’s not only great because you’ll enjoy the crafting process, but the finished products are also high in practicality. Learn a simple and easy way to create your very own unique plaster products which you can sell or use as a candle holder, a diffuser, or just for display.

plaster pattern.jpg

After completing the course, you are authorized to become an instructor, whereby, you can also apply certification for your own students. This course is prefect for those who love handcraft, essential oil, and candle.  

Course details:
1. 6 different designs of plaster making
2. Coloring mixing technique
3. Explain in details about plaster usage   
4. Four finished products to take home
•    Terrazo Plaster
•    Terrazo Wording Plaster 
•    Pattern Plaster
•    Blind Blind Plaster 
5. Chinese-English comparison notes are provided
6. Approximately 4 hours
7. Supplier information is shared
8. Assist students to apply certification

We also have plaster design workshop which you can create 2 plaster products in 2 hours.

Course and workshop are available online. Overseas students are welcome. Corporate event and private class are also welcome. Get your hands dirty! PM us for details.

Discount to all our existing students. PM us for details.

- 韓國石膏設計證書課程 -

來自韓國 JSISCANDLE 是一個好玩、實用、多元化和充滿創意的一天石膏設計證書課程。做用簡單的方法,設計獨一無二屬於你的石膏作品。 作品可用作買賣或用作蠟燭托盤、擴香瓶、裝飾擺設等等。

1. 6款石膏設計技法
2. 顏色運用
3. 分享石膏用法
4. 設計和完成4款作品
•    水磨石托盤
•    水磨石字母托盤
•    圖案托盤
•    閃亮亮 Bling Bling 托盤
5. 提供中英文筆記
6. 大概4小時完成
7. 分享入貨渠道
8. 協助學生申請證書

除了證書課程,我們還有石膏設計工作坊。大概2小時的工作坊可完成2款作品。 這個課程和工作坊也可以做線上課程, 歡迎海外學員。也歡迎商業合作和私人包班。

plaster 2.jpg

If you wish to take the course as a private group (i.e. two people or more together), please book with us at least three weeks before your desired date. Please email us at to find out more. We can also be reached through Instagram and Facebook Messager.


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