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5:58am Scented Candle

5:58am Scented Candle

There is a story behind every minute. Let a scent bring you back to one of those memories. 


- 5:58am Scented Candle -

Hyacinth + Ginger Lily + Ambergris + Teak + Riesling + Tulip + Carnation
(風信子 + 薑花 + 龍涎香 + 柚木 + 白葡萄 + 鬱金香 + 康乃馨)
An aroma that is inspired by nature. The earthy scent after rain combined with wild grass will give you a renewed energy to start the day. 


280g plant-based soy wax
50+ hours burn time with an "S" wood wick
Handmade with natural soy wax and premium fragrance oil

  • Instructions

    Trim wick to 5mm every time before lighting. The first time to burn a container candle, please allow it to form a complete pool of melted wax across the surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always keep the candle within your sight. Avoid touching or moving a burning candle. Keep them away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Avoid sunlight. Make sure the candle is completely out before leaving the room. 


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