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Zero Waste Certificate Course

Zero Waste Certificate Course

- Zero Waste Certificate Course -

An eco-friendly course that promotes less plastic and zero waste by Korea Craft Design Association (KDCA)

We are all aware of the impact of plastic pollution and each person who contributes a little bit will come a long way to helping our planet. It can start with something as small as switching our buying behavior by using cloth bags when we shop. In this course, we use natural materials and ingredients to reduce unnecessary bottles and containers from the daily necessities in our lives.

You will learn and make the following:
1. Laundry powder
2. Laundry soap
3. Solid laundry soap 1kg
4. Kitchen soap 1kg
5. Shampoo bar 200g
6. Conditioner bar 200g
7. Solid toothpaste for 1 month usage

We will assist students to apply certification and supplier information is shared. After completing the course, you are authorised to become an instructor, whereby, you can also apply certification for your own students.

Overseas students are welcome to join. We are available for private bookings. PM us for more details.

- 零浪費環保概念證書課程 -


1. 洗衣粉
2. 洗衣皂
3. 固體洗衣皂 1kg
4. 廚房清潔肥皂 1kg
5. 洗髮皂 200g
6. 護髮皂 200g
7. 固體牙膏, 大約一個月份量

我們會分享入貨渠道和協助學生申請證書。課程結束後可成為導師,開班授課。證書課程可以1對1上課。 歡迎詢問上課日期。 我們也提供網上教學,歡迎海外學生查詢。


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