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Mini Size Scented Candle

Mini Size Scented Candle

Mini size scented candles are now available in all the scents! An S shape wooden wick with 10 hours+ burning time in a cute and handy container. Perfect for you to try out the scents before committing to the full size.


- 2:06am Scented Candle -

Petitgrain + Agarwood + Lime + Bergamot

(苦橙葉 + 沉香 + 青檸 + 佛手柑)

A sweet scent with a slightly bitter note that is a good companion for any sleepless nights.


- 5:58am Scented Candle -

Hyacinth + Ginger Lily + Ambergris + Teak + Riesling + Tulip + Carnation

(風信子 + 薑花 + 龍涎香 + 柚木 + 白葡萄 + 鬱金香 + 康乃馨)

The scent of wild grass and after rain give you a fresh energy to start a day.


- 3:00pm Scented Candle -

Early Grey + Greenland + Honey Lemon + Neroli + Black Orchid
(伯爵 + 草原 + 蜜糖檸檬 + 橙花 + 黑蘭花 )

An aroma that can boost your mood and make you feel energetic with a combination of citrus, floral, and green! 


- 7:45pm Scented Candle -

Orchid + Jasmine + Rosewood + Orange + Magnolia

(蘭花 + 茉莉花 + 紅木 + 甜橙 + 木蘭花)

It’s a romantic floral scent that will remind you of love, joy, and happiness.


- 11:37pm Scented Candle -

Herb + Whitewood + Vetiver + Grapefruit + Sandalwood + Lavender

(香草 + 白木 + 岩蘭草 + 西柚 + 檀香 + 薰衣草)

A warm and woody aroma that fills you with peace and calmness during the night.

  • Instructions

    Trim wick to 5mm every time before lighting. The first time to burn a container candle, please allow it to form a complete pool of melted wax across the surface of its container. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always keep the candle within your sight. Avoid touching or moving a burning candle. Keep them away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Avoid sunlight. Make sure the candle is completely out before leaving the room. 


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