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KCCA All That Incense Certificate Course

KCCA All That Incense Certificate Course

- All That Incense Certification Course -


The newest incense course from Korea Candle Craft Association – “All That Incense” (level 2) is completely different to Incense Master Class (level 1). The new techniques and materials used in this level 2 course allows the finished products to become more long lasting and stable.


“All That Incense” is a course that focuses on aesthetics, design, and style. Those who haven't taken level 1 are welcome to join because this course will also cover incense and cones making. Level 2 does not have any prerequisite requirements for beginners and can be taken by students who have not taken level 1 before.


*The Association has registered a patent for Paper Incense making. This is a special technique that allows the burning time and fragrance to have a longer duration. This sort of Paper Incense making technique can only be taught to students who have registered in certification course and is only available in “All That Incense” Level 2 Certification Course.


6 Designated Works:

1. Paper Incense

2. Incense and Cones

3. Wreath Incense

4. Incense Ornament

5. Flower Incense

6. Smudge Stick

7. In addition, free plaster making technique for incense holder


Course Information:

- One day certificate course (approximately 6 hours)

- Assist students to apply certifications

- Chinese-English comparison notes are provided

- Supplier information is shared

- Available online, overseas students are welcome

- 4 students per class max

- Available for private class bookings


After completing the course, you are authorized to become an instructor, whereby, you can also apply certification for your own students. Products can be sell in retail or online platform as your own brand.


- All That Incense 證書課程 -


全新課程 (All That Incense) 和前一代線香課程 (Incense Master Class) 內容完全不同。這個課程除了修正了部分配方讓製成品更穩定外,也專注著在美感、設計和造型上。沒有上過線香課程的學員也不用擔心,最新的課程會包含基礎線香和塔香製作。


*協會首次開發紙香技術並且獲得專利,可以成功延長 Paper Incense 燃燒時間和保持香味持久。紙香製作只能教給報名證書班的學生。



1. 紙香

2. 線香和塔香

3. 花圈形香

4. 香裝飾品

5. 花朵香

6. 植物薰香

7. 額外贈送製作石膏線香座



- 1天的證書課程 (大概6小時)

- 協助學生申請證書

- 提供中英文筆記

- 分享購買材料渠道

- 可以網上教學,歡迎海外學生查詢

- 小班教學,每班最多4人

- 也可和導師另約時間




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