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Massage Candle

Massage Candle

Massage Candle is made of skin-safe oils that have a low melting temperature.


Handmade in Hong Kong. Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, 100% Pure Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Vegetable Oil, and Jojoba Oil. Ships within 3-5 business days.


Size: 8.8cm x 9.3cm | 200g

10 hours burn time with 2 cotton wicks

  • Instructions

    Light the candle for 30 minutes. Extinguish the wick, cool for 10 seconds. Pour a small amount of the melted wax massage onto skin. Avoid any recent scar and face area. Highly recommend testing the product on small area of skin to be sure of no allergic reactions. Never leave a burning candle attended. Keep them away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Avoid direct sunlight. Make sure the candle is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing before leaving the room.


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