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Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Our latest wellness product - Sage & Palo Santo Bundle is now available for purchase. Each bundle comes with a White Sage from California, a Palo Santo from Ecuador, and a handmade plaster plate for burning use.

The benefits of White Sage:

- To cleanse a space or an environment of negative energy

- Elevating mood levels

- Promote healing and clarity

The benefits of Palo Santo:

- Relax your mind, body, and soul

- Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing

- Repel mosquitoes and flies

- How to Use -

First, burn the Sage to rid a space of negative energies. Then, follow by burning the Palo Santo for new positive energy.

We accept custom-made orders and wholesale. *Please note that each bundle will be completely unique in size and details.


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